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Shari Randall completed her four year Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She then later went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate and Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Shari also has qualified as a Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates Instructor and has completed an array on post graduate courses including dry needling.

Shari is a holistic and experienced Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor whom has been consulting in private practice and teaching Clinical Pilates since graduating in 2008. During this time, she has specialised in treating patients with complex problems, persistent pain, and hypermobility spectrum disorders

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She has also worked with many athletes, from triathletes, ironmen and women, cyclists, swimmers, dancers, runners, mountaineers & climbers, footballers, rugby players, and sailors as well as including Olympic Fencers to name a few. She has also worked in several private hospitals in Melbourne treating patients before and after spinal surgeries, joint replacements, arthroscopes, tendon repairs, amputation, and traumatic injuries. Shari also has vast experience in treating pre and post-natal mothers; in addition to this she also has experience in exercise therapy for the older population.

As well as her clinical work, Shari has held teaching posts and has been a clinical examiner at both Monash and La Trobe Universities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In London Shari is an invited examiner for the Sports Masters program at Queen Mary University and the Institute of Sports Exercise and Health with University College London. She is also the London Clinical Supervisor for the Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Masters Program with La Trobe University.

In London, Shari works closely with the leading Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeons from various specialties, as well as Pain Specialist Consultants, Sports Doctors, and Rheumatologists.
Shari treats patients of all ages and fitness levels with musculoskeletal pain or sporting injuries. However, her specialty is treating complex patients with multiple issues and persistent pain, in particular those patients with spinal pain.

In her free time Shari enjoys reformer Pilates, barre, yoga, running, tennis, skiing and was previously a competitive sailor.


Gina Haynes is a South African trained physiotherapist and APPI reformer pilates instructor. She believes in the power of movement to heal the mind and body. The focus of her sessions is on correct form, reducing movement and exercise related anxiety, building ones confidence in their own body and ability whilst creating a fun yet safe environment. Pilates is a wonderful way to correct movement patterns and ensure people are moving their bodies correctly. She has seen how pilates is a fantastic tool for reducing pain, it can optimise daily function as well as being a vital compliment to any other sporting activity by improving stability and control. She has special interests in hyper mobility and chronic pain.


Graduating as a Physiotherapist in 2012, Teresa is passionate about movement and has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2016 and Kinetic Control therapist since 2018. Teresa is an APPI Pilates trained instructor and loves using Pilates alongside her movement control work for rehabilitation

With several manual therapy courses, mainly into myofascial release, Teresa works on every movement and postural dysfunction with a hands-on approach and a detailed and individualised rehabilitation programme. She uses lots of muscle and fascial techniques to modulate pain and improve mobility to maximize strength and function.

Teresa has been specialising in movement and postural dysfunctions, back and neck pain, hypermobility/EDS syndrome, women’s health, running injuries and running technique.

Teresa is a keen exercisers and loves to spend her time playing Basketball.


Elle graduated from Curtin University, Western Australia, and has worked in a number of private practices and hospitals, both in Australia and London as a Senior Physiotherapist. She has had extensive experience in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including working closely with a number of professional Football Clubs in Australia.

Elle brings a holistic approach to her clients’ treatment and management by incorporating Physiotherapy, manual techniques, Clinical Pilates and Functional exercise rehabilitation. Using a creative repertoire of exercises based in the gym/Pilates studio, Elle can successfully target all components of her clients’ goals to ensure the appropriateness and specificity of her client’s rehabilitation. She has worked with a huge variety of clients with goals – whether that’s to walk again post operatively or to improve performance in kick boxing, ballet, netball, jujitsu, rugby and more.

Elle is particularly passionate about working closely with motivated clients to help them achieve their goals and sharing their success.

Shideh Moshiri

Shideh originally graduated from the University of London (SOAS) and Westminster University with an Honours Degree in Art & Archaeology and a Masters in International Business & Management, and went on to a successful career in the Property industry.However, after falling in love with Pilates Shideh decided to take her career in a new direction and left the corporate world. She certified as a Personal Trainer at Premier Global, followed by continuing her training as a Pilates Instructor with STOTT. Shideh is very detailed and passionate about her teaching. She enjoys forming strong connections with her clients and is driven to providing the best possible outcomes.


Natalie began her Pilates journey 12 years ago as a dancer competing internationally in classical ballet. From rehabilitating injuries to maintaining muscular balance, she found Pilates to be immensely beneficial in helping her achieve her dance and fitness goals.

This passion for the Pilates method inspired Natalie to train as an instructor and work with Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy in New Zealand before moving to London in 2018. She loves being able to give back to others the benefits she’s experienced through Pilates herself and sharing her passion with people of all levels and abilities.

Natalie believes Pilates is an amazing way to unlock the movement potential in our bodies and always strives to create a positive, motivating environment in each session.

Ann Salmon

Ann trained to be a Pilates teacher in 2015. Having used her Pilates training to help with her own rehabilitation after a hip replacement, she became particularly interested in the movement therapy side of Pilates. She has gone on to train as a yoga teacher and with rehabilitation based Polestar Pilates. She is passionate about helping people gain better movement and confidence in their bodies.

Nicole Leow

Nicole completed her Physiotherapy training at Monash University Australia, and worked in both public and private sectors across Australia and the UK, where she moved in 2017.  

She has been trained in Pilates, dry needling and sport specific rehabilitation, with particular experience within the performing arts sector. She has worked in the West End, on touring productions, and in the TV and film industry. 

Nicole has specialist training in laryngeal physiotherapy, which is used to assist vocal health for those who may be struggling with symptoms such as vocal fatigue, loss of range, or breathy tone among others. 

She enjoys combining her manual therapy skills alongside a creative approach to exercise therapy to ensure specificity to each patient with an emphasis on returning athletes, entertainers and weekend warriors to their previous athletic pursuits and even beyond!

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys triathlons, snowboarding, aerial hoop and painting. 

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 Elle has been remarkable as my Pilates Instructor. Our sessions have evolved from very simple exercises to challenging equipment based exercises which has helped transform my back from feeling fragile and unstable to being strong, healthy and feeling proud of my mummy body

Tara S, London

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