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Pilates Assessments

Pilates assessments a 1hour full body assessment that looks at you body as a whole but also hones in on specific problem areas. In this session your Physiotherapist will ask you about your goals whether you’d like to be able to sit cross legged on the floor or improve your golfing average/handicap.

From this assessment we will establish a comprehensive list to work on and create a plan of how best to get there. This plan will include the best combination of the exclusive services at Evolution in order to reach your goal. Our Pilates Instructors will then guide you through the most relevant programme for you.

If time allows your Physiotherapist will also do a brief introduction to our Pilates equipment.


Pilates initial assessments are for anyone who wants to track their progress or are focused on a goal or outcome. Pilates Re-Assessments are also encouraged to measure your progress and refocus your programme.

Pilates initial assessments are recommended for those clients doing 1:1 or 2:1 Pilates sessions. An initial assessment will ensure your Pilates instructors exercise choice is the most relevant to your goals.



A Pilates initial assessment allows you to get the most out of our Pilates services and reach your goals faster by working on the most specific and relevant areas to achieve it.

The combination of an initial and re-assessment is a formal way to track your progress. It allows us to celebrate your commitment to your goal and objective success as well as allowing us to refocus on the main areas that stand between you and your goal. It’s a great way to stay motivated and re-engage with your goal.

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 Elle has been remarkable as my Pilates Instructor. Our sessions have evolved from very simple exercises to challenging equipment based exercises which has helped transform my back from feeling fragile and unstable to being strong, healthy and feeling proud of my mummy body

Tara S, London

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